May 13, 2011

Beat The Bots and Get Your War Loot


I reviewed the updated Declare War feature here (1). The main problem with wars is that it's almost impossible to find an active one that you can help in. Manually searching your news feeds will yield this almost 99% of the time. It a frustrating process for many.
You can use the Event Scanner by Team Spockholm and select the "war" tab to lessen the load of scrolling through the news feeds (1). The same problem of being too late will persist.
The Operation War Hunter is a better tool to use because it only scans for active wars(1).  The problem is not many of those exist and you often find you're mafia member is losing as they never asked for help.
The main reason the majority of wars are finished within seconds and you can't find one to help in is because there are automated scripts that scan for war posts and perform the action for you. This creates a problem for those players who want to manually help. There is a way to bypass this but it takes a little handy work. If you use scripts, the Link-a-Nator now provides your static "War Help" link. Check the "War help link" box and click on the "Generate General Links" box.
If you don't want to use the Link-a-Nator, you can still get your link by finding one of your old war help posts and copy the link from that.
Now that you have your link, the key is NOT to generate a request when you declare war on somebody. Close out the Get Help popup.
Now it's up to you to select the friends you want to help. It's best to declare war on players with less than 501 mafia as there will be some delay. If you're in an active chat room or group, this method is ideal. Eike introduced me to the concept of War Groups. They are secret and have a small number of participants. I was able to join the one below to see how it works.
The rules are simple and every member in the group can easily get their 5 war assists in a day without all the hassles of trying to find them in the news feeds. Anybody can start their own war help group to easily beat the bots at their own game.

Article written by Jennifer Patterson, Creator of the MW Loot Lady Blog, The Mafia Wars Loot Lady Facebook Fan Page and Co-Host of The Informant Podcast.
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  1. No one wants to use scripts just as no one really wanted to build atomic weapons (except for certain sadistic megalomaniacs). Here is the thing, if everyone else is using them then you have to. If everyone else has a fast script you need a faster one.

    It works this way in weapons, war, Mafia Wars and stock trading.

  2. suggest a script then.

  3. i've been doing some robbing and i've noticed a trend. there is always one items that drops at a significantly higher rate (usually about 20-25% of the total drops) than the rest. the item changes every hour and is the same no matter where you do your robbing. right now (7pm pacific time) the item happens to be Idle Hands. Might be something to look out for.

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  5. @veek I've seen the same thing. When the item becomes really good (FHEL5) I'll stay and rob. Otherwise I'll come back later.

  6. The best script is a home made mod of an existed wall reader. If you know a little java it goes a long way!

  7. Another way to get around this, without needing to generate links is to just post to your wall that you are about to post a war ... get human volunteers ... then post the war using FB's filters so that only those volunteers see it. I only do this on wars I declare, let the bots help me win if I'm under attack. This is working great for me and my mafia.

  8. I like the idea of a private war group. A gifting group has worked well for me as does working through the Notes of friends who post links. Last two days or since the War change, I've been able to get on more wars and more importantly, get more than 5 prizes from wars per day. This is not usual I know, but today has been super.

  9. Can you share the link of the group or add me on it

  10. I don't have anything against people using scripts for wars. Bring them on and let my wars be finished in seconds...LOL. I like to help in wars and have more than 11K+ war assists after playing for more than 1 year and i don't use war script at all. I don't know what they are though someone in my mafia has mentioned it to me before. When i am online i can get into quite a few wars and is sometimes the first or second to arrive and i play on a laptop. Having helped in all those wars, unfortunately i still have not compeleted Tier 2 rewards, but np, i am not here for the short term.

  11. The problem of script grabbing the "joins" before a manual player also exists with Operations. In my opinion the problem in op's is worse than for wars! The same inability to beat script to join is evident but many script users queue the Op's they have joined without starting then finish them at their leisure or worse, wait for all other spots to be completed before starting their slot so as not to risk their energy/stamina. The op leaders can accept much of the blame for tolerating non starters. At this time I don't see that there is much that can be done to prevent script from beating us to the first post and even if Zinga knew who were using script they would be reluctant to suspend accounts because there are many who use script including their cosseted CC players. They won't be biting the hand that feeds them. For the moment the best suggestion is to educate op leaders to remove and re post non starters in Op's, otherwise it's a case of if you can't beat them, join them!

  12. @jonathan : this is a post about wars not operation. we don't care about op's


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