Jan 11, 2011

Checklist by Team Spockholm


Finally there is a Daily Checklist that all Mafia Wars players, advanced to beginners, can utilize. We have asked Zynga to bring back their watered version of a checklist ever since they removed it from the game when the new Home Page layout was implemented. It was better than nothing! While we appreciate that we can track our New York buildable properties from the Build Your Empire Module, there is still so much more we need to keep track of.  While Zynga was busy pumping out new features one after another, Team Spockholm was working on something we all want to see in the game. The Checklist bookmarklet is finally here and it is just what we need to remind us of all the things we need to do everyday.  To get your Checklist and start utilizing the many cool features which I will go over later in this article, follow the instructions below.  If you are new to using bookmarklet programs, review my articles on Bookmarklet Installation and Common Problems.

1.  Go to the Spockholm Mafia Tools Beta Page and locate the Checklist Bookmarklet.  Since it was moved to the Beta page, it is now called Checklist Beta. This means when there are updates, you won't have to reinstall it.
2. Click, Dag and Drop Checklist into your bookmark tool bar.
3. Click Checklist once to unframe your Mafia Wars game.
4.  Click on a second time to view your Checklist which will be located in the upper left corner of your unframed game.  The Checklist can be tailored to your own personal needs as every item has a "x" which will remove it from the list.  The items with little swirls have adjustable timers so you can select the interval that's best for you, or can be automagically assigend from the timers on the Mafia Wars page.
A Checklist icon will also appear on the Game Header next to the Travel Bar. This number will let you know how many pending items you have on your Checklist.  For now there are 16 items available on the Checklist. This number will change as the game changes and items are added or removed.
Now that you know how to activate your Checklist, lets review the basics, the available items and the features.  The most functional parts of the Checklist that you will deal with are the check boxes and the links which are hidden in the "Do it" text.
Clicking on "Do it" will either do the task or take you to where you need to be.  Once a task is completed, click on the check box and a green check mark along with a timer will appear.
The following are listed in order of the Checklist and I will outline where you are directed to once you click on the "Do it" links.

1.  Daily Take

Your Daily Take pop-up for the day will automatically appear. If you have already received your daily take, the popup will look kind of empty.

2.  Declare War

You will be directed to your War Page and you can declare your next war.
If you are on the "Fight" tab, you'll see a little swirl that allows you to synchronize the checklist with the timer.

3.  Daily Chance

You will be directed to the Daily Chance Page.
4.  Atlantic City

Atlantic City will open in a new window and you will get the daily bonus.
5.  E-Mail Bonus

This will take you to the E-Mail Bonus Discussion Thread on the Mafia Wars Loot Lady Fan Page.  This thread is maintained by Mike Nestor and he has done a great job of ensuring the daily E-Mail Bonus is there everyday. Now Mike and I as well as the other admin know we have an extra reason to keep this thread clean and alive.
6.  Tournament

Never forget another Las Vegas Tournament opportunity again. This will direct you right to the page. The timer will let you know when you can go again without having to see it's not time yet. Also, if you are on the Tournament page, you can synchronize the timer with the swirl.
7.  Get-a-Nator

This will take you right to the Get-a-Nator bookmarklet. There is an option to adjust the interval of your timer and that depends on how often you like to check for your mafia members Free Gift links.
8.  Link-a-Nator

The same rules apply for this item except you will be directed to the Link-a-Nator bookmarklet.
9.  Search Ops/Wars

This will take you directly to the Operation War Hunter bookmarklet which searches for active Operations and Wars in your news feeds. You can also adjust the interval of the timer on this item (or remove it if this isn't something you normally do).
10.  Build NY

This takes you to the Crafty Lil' Helper bookmarketlet and you can easily craft all of your buildable New York Property items. The New York properties timer can be updated from the homepage.
11.  Free Slots

This directs you to your Lucky Stash Slot Machine but there is a cool feature built into it.  Notice the number of free spins?
You automatically get one free spin a day but if you go through your news feeds, you can win up to 3 more by playing on your friends mini-slot machines.  This takes too much time scrolling and clicking but the Checklist does it all for you.
12.  Build Italy

You will be directed to your Italy property page.  If your Port is ready for an item to be crafted, build it and start the timer.
13.  Energy Pack

This link automatically uses your Energy Pack if it is available. Just click on it and BAM, your Energy Pack has been put to use. I like this because you no longer need to go to the Home Page to use it. The timer value can be loaded if you are on the Home Page.
14.  MiniPack

The MiniPack item is really cool because it will get your Zynga Tool Bar bonus every 8 hours and you don't even need to have the Tool Bar installed. Your game will open up in a new window and your bonus will be displayed.
15.  Fighter's Energy Refill 

This will take you to the Fight Club and you can select whichever energy refill you use. The Fightclub-timers can be synchronized if you are on the Fight Club page.
16.  Fight Club HEL

This will also take you to the Fight Club and it is set on a timer for 7 days.
To reset your Checklist or to add an item that you removed, or if your timers looks strange, simply click on the options to do that at the bottom of the Checklist.
There is one more thing I need to look at. I wonder what happens when you click on that little question mark in the upper left hand corner of the Checklist. Hey that's pretty cool, it directs you to this article!  Thanks Team Spockholm!  Maybe I could talk them into adding a new item on the checklist called "Read The MW Loot Lady Blog".  Pistol Pete would never have an excuse to not read my blog again!  I'd probably have better luck requesting a "Listen To The Informant Podcast" item. The possibilities are endless. Eike did tell me that more things are planned and there are new editions on the horizon.
To voice your suggestions or recommendations about this tool and all the others, go to http://spockholm.userecho.com/.
Check out the these articles for recent updates to the Checklist (1) and the Checklist Server which is a Facebook app that will allow you to use the same Checklist on multiple computers without having to start over (1).

Many thanks to Eike Meier for his hard work on The Checklist, letting me Beta test and for answering all my questions as well as reviewing and editing this article.

Article written by Jennifer Patterson, Creator of the MW Loot Lady Blog, The Mafia Wars Loot Lady Facebook Fan Page and Co-Host of The Informant Podcast.
All material is protected by copyright law


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