Nov 16, 2010

Crafty Lil' Helper by Team Spockholm


If you don't like all the clicking involved with crafting your items from the Chop Shop, Weapons Depot, and Armory than Spockholm Mafia Tools has the answer for you. Crafty Lil' Helper will build them all for you in just a few clicks.  The best part is you won't be stalled by the ever present and oh so annoying spinning bullets. Follow the instruction below to start crafting the easy way.

1.  Go to the Spockholm Mafia Tools External Page and locate the Crafty Lil' Helper bookmarklet.
2.  Click, drag and drop Crafty Lil' Helper into your bookmarklet tool bar.
3.  Go to your Mafia Wars game and click on Crafty Lil' Helper now located in your bookmark toolbar once to unframe.  If you did it right, all the white Facebook framing around your game will be gone.
4.  Go to your NY Property page and click on Crafty Lil' Helper again to activate the program..  This bookmarklet will only work if your properties are ready to have items crafted.
5.  Once the program is activated, simply select the item(s) you want to craft from the dropbars located on top of the page.
6.  Now just click start and wait for Crafty Lil' Helper to craft your items.
7.  When Crafty Lil' Helper is all finished, the status will change to done and there will be a log of all the items built.
If you want Team Spockholm to collect on all your properties, bank your money and craft items, the functionality above has been modified into the Business Helper bookmarklet and is called the Business Helper/Builder. The modified script can be found on the Spockholm Mafia Tool Experimental Page.  If you haven't used Business Helper before, the instructions can be found HERE on this blog. Everything is the same except there is now an option to craft items.

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  1. all it does is saying this is an experimenting version, a lot of things might be missing


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