Nov 16, 2010

Mafia Wars Ads for Mafia Wars Features


You should notice some new banners and home page messages have been added to the game.  The first one is to encourage us to play the Daily Chance.  I discussed all things Daily Chance and why I never play it the article Daily Chance Nerf.  About 3 weeks after posting that article, there was a small improvement and now we get property building items instead of NY consumables. That's still not enough to make it worth it.  All of my properties except for Italy are fully upgraded and most of the items are still useless to me.  I don't recommend not playing the Daily Chance. When time permits, I submit tickets for the long shot of winning Reward Points. Maybe this banner is a sign that not enough people are playing and hopefully they will improve upon this feature even more.
The theory above gets less likely when the next banner is considered. There is also one to encourage us to fight.  I believe most of us fight since it is a huge part of the game. I don't think a banner will be the reason we choose to fight. The new loot was introduced over a week ago during the 2X Fight Loot event.  I wonder if anybody robs anymore.  Robbing is the feature that really needs to be improved upon. I would love it if the same loot that drops from fights can be won for robbing.
Thanks to Mike Nestor for all the screen shots above.

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