Apr 25, 2011

Real VS Fake Comic Books


I've already posted about the Superhero Collection and how to get all the items (1). It's proving to be more difficult than anticipated because they aren't dropping from Mystery Bags at the expected rate. You can get one collection a day from Blue Mystery Bags and one from Red Mystery Bags. The problem is you have to open quite a few bags and many are finding they aren't getting one to drop within the allotted number of gifts we can accept in a day. I would just be patient, they are giftable so soon there will be more than enough to go around.
(Image from the Mafia Wars Wiki Limited Edition Collections Page)
At the expense of your Gems, you should also get a Superhero Collection item on Day #5 of the Daily Take. Those who said I was foolish for skipping day 6 to restart my Daily Take in order to get my Gems quicker probably wish they did the same thing (1). For many, the Daily Take is the only source for Precious Gems as not all accounts are capable of robbing them and very few show up when you collect on your properties. 
With all this talk about Mystery Bags, drop rates and the Daily Take behind us, it's time to have some fun with this collection. Unfortunately, I don't have larger images of the fake comic books as they appear on the Special Collection page in our inventory. I blew them up as best as I could and found the real comic books they were inspired by. If you look closely at these images, you will see Zynga has done some more copying. This is especially true for Squirrill Man, Freak Squad and General USA. Also the names on some of the comic images don't match the name listed on our collection.
Arachnid Man
Squirrel Man
Superb Man
Freak Squad
Blue Beacon
General USA
Terrific Man
We will forever be left with the question of "What do comic book hero's have to do with Mafia Wars?". This isn't our first encounter with comic book themed items in Mafia Wars. Remember the Green Hornet Loot Drop Event (1)?  I know it was a movie but the movie was based on a comic book.
Seth Rogan actually pimped Mafia Wars in an interview (1). You would think Zynga would have made a fake Green Hornet for the Superhero Collection. They could have called it the Blue Wasp. 

Article written by Jennifer Patterson, Creator of the MW Loot Lady Blog, The Mafia Wars Loot Lady Facebook Fan Page and Co-Host of The Informant Podcast.
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  1. You missed the originals on a few:
    Amazing Fantasy #15, the first appearance of Spider-Man, is obviously the source for Arachnid-Man: http://www.coverbrowser.com/image/amazing-fantasy/15-1.jpg

    For Superbman, the colors closely match Action Comics #1, although the pose is most likely from elsewhere: http://www.coverbrowser.com/image/action-comics/1-1.jpg

    For Blue Beacon, it's a classic pose, but that's not what they cribbed from -- it could be Blue Beetle too. This will be a hard one to find. The Hulk/Titan cover I don't have access to.

  2. Only comic i could remember with spiderman on the cover with 6 arms...


    Whats up with Arachnid mans legs? Has one freakishly thick thigh? or possibly tripod man would have been a better name? lol

  3. boooo!!! no originality...

  4. Actually the Blue Beacon is the Original Green Lantern from All-American Comics #16 as seen here


    'nuff said

  5. Thanks Fluffy, I changed that one as it's obvious that is where it came from.

  6. Although the Green Hornet is a comic-book type hero, and did appear in various comic book series under different publishers over the years, prior to the 2011 movie, the franchise is best known as a 1966-67 TV series, preceded by 1940's film serials and radio series from the 1930's through early 1950's.

    It is quite inaccurate to say that the Movie was based on a comic book.
    yes only a nerd would make this distinction. But only a nerd would care what movie was based on what show or comic book, any way...
    ~Frank Einstein
    aka: MADMAN

  7. DC and Marvel should sue Zynga's Ass for Copyright Infringement. :D

  8. Oh and I am missing Avengers and Justice League for not being copied. :D


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