Mafia Wars Sites

UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Please go here to list pages that you visit. Many sites are missing from this list and will be added soon. 

The #1 Resource for Mafia Wars
Mafia Wars Wiki
Bookmarklet Sites
Spockholm Mafia Tools 
Mafia Wars AddOn
Joyka's Mafia Wars Tools
Guess X-Home Of The Done
[LCN]Combat Calculator
Miller Marklets by Josh Miller
MWHelper Item Analyzer
Lucifer's Scripts
OGP Mafia Wars Tool Suite
Hvedeknoppens Link Service
UserScripts Forum

Mafia Wars Related Facebook Fan Pages/Blogs 
Mafia Wars Loot Lady
Spockholm Mafia Tools
Mafia Wars AddOn FB Page
Mafia Wars Scripts|Mods

Miller Marklets
Mafia Wars Wiki Fan Page

Mafia Wars Gods
Friends of T.O.P.S. Pimping Page

Virtually Loaded Gifting Page
Our Open Arms
Mafia Wars Protection Racket Blog
Mafia Wars Maniac Blog

Turks Untouchables Freebie Center
Mafia Tornado
Family Battle Request Hub
Mock Wars Request Page
Avatar Framing Emporium

Trading Sites
Elite Traders Club
Mafia Wars Trading Zone Reloaded (MRTZR)
Jessie's Mafia Wars Junkyard
The Official Loot Lounge
MTF Loot Lounge


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