Oct 5, 2015

Stranger's Swag Generation 48


The 48th generation of Stranger's Swag loot has been added to the inventory. I don't know why Zynga keeps updating this loot. They haven't offered any Stranger's Swag items since June yet every month they update it. The 4 items that we may never see are shown below.


  1. "The 4 items that we may never see are shown below.".......giggle

    Kathie E

    1. I also enjoyed that comment! :)

  2. They could put the oldest loot in the Mystery bags. Those needed updating months and months ago.

  3. The real piss take about this is while there making items they'll never release on a monthly basis now we have VIP, wars, fight, arena and siege all sharing the same loot items with different badges on them everything month. If they are that hard pushed for development time then shouldn't they have stopped making loot they'll never release first maybe?


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