Oct 5, 2015

Challenge Mission 28 Coming Soon


The 28th Challenge Mission is on the way. After the Offshore Turfs, this is my 2nd least favorite event. It's annoying and boring at the same time. The consumable item is a Spotted Deer and you would think Zynga could have come up with something better to liven this event up. How lame and boring is another deer? I think we have a ton of them in the inventory already! The loot rewards which don't really go with a Deer are shown below.


  1. Yes, it's dull to play. But the reward loot is higher than the other loots just released, there are skill points for the jobs, and we have to rob and such to rebuild consumables for Boss fights anyway. One thing MW does OK on is doubling things up so that one event can be a help to the other. I was left with only Stamina tasks in the Urban Assault. So I did jobs in Cozumel to level up so I could go back to the stamina tasks. Now the UA is over for me, and I have consumables to use in Cozumel.

  2. I can tell how bored and ticked off you are with these things like the rest of us but yes we keep playing in some odd hope that they would change things. Mostly I as I know others do or should is that I appreciate it that you keep posting these updates no matter if they are VIP or just us ordinary players. So thank you!!

  3. I quite like these events. Every 8 hours I do a few clicks no much effort used then at the end of the week I usually have myself around 8 or 9 extra skill points for virtually no work at all. I never master them but I don't try either I just the minimum effort and still get most the skill points and a couple of high stat items along the way.


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