Oct 5, 2015

Unidentified Special Event Items


Four groups of loot items with 5 tiers of mastery labeled 'Special Event' have been added to the inventory. The possibilities are endless. Either they are for something new, something updated or something I can't recall. A new Family Boss is inevitable so maybe the loot rewards we are used to getting will be updated. Zynga is sure to throw in some kind of begging event and maybe they want to add more tiers so we have to do more begging. It's possible these are for VIP Bounty Events and they forgot the VIP icon. Please share your guesses in the comments. All 20 items are shown below.


  1. crafter's choice?

    1. They have 2 items each so 6 would be needed not 5.

      My guess is the return of the dreaded Mafia Poker.

  2. I'll wager it's something you'll need rp's for :P

  3. I think there is a good chance that as soon as the Halfway House ends .. we will have another extortion run. Could some of the items fit in with that?

  4. What difference does it make? The game is slowly dying, just like the old real Mafia did. Zynga has lost whatever creativity they once had, if they ever had any.


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