Oct 24, 2015

Siege Leagues Season 2: Scoring Adjustment & Leaderboard


The 2nd season of the Siege League started 9 days ago [1]. Jo Gilliam proved how messed up the scoring was by bringing 2 families of 1 to the top 2 spots and we will see FoxFire and Fox~Fire on the leaderboard for about a month. Zynga must have realized how ridiculous it was and they adjusted the algorithm, equation or whatever they used to determine scores. Larger families can now compete and as with most things family related, bigger is now better. The Vgttt Family has dominated in all competitive icing and Arena events and now they are steamrolling the Siege Leagues.


  1. another piece of crap

  2. another worthless event for the money players wow my family got 8 sheilds in the first round...think if they keep going with events that only benifit money players and stam and energy hounds my whole family is gonna stop playing ive already lost over 2500 mafia that quit because . if you dont pay to play you dont get any where.

  3. It seems that they put a whole lot of effort into creating the Siege Leagues and Sieges in general. What a waste of effort to produce something so totally lame and uninteresting and pointless!
    It seems they might have been better served to have worked on fixing broken stuff instead?


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