Oct 24, 2015

The New Family Boss: Clive Kleinbeck


After much anticipation and a lot of waiting for bugs to be fixed, the new Family Boss is revealed. He is just another tattooed thug and we already have a bunch of these guys in the game. To make it worse his name is Clive (not that there is anything wrong with the name but this dude doesn't look like a Clive).  It would be fun to see Zynga get creative with these boss fights. To get to Clive you need to kill 4 bosses and wait out the timers before the final and resident boss is revealed (assuming the feature works as intended). Once this bad ass named Clive is is defeated for the 1st time, his health will go down and he can be fought in the same manner as all the previous boss fights of this type [1]. The health of each Family Boss is determined by family size so the numbers will be different. Thanks to the {ASS} Family for helping make this post possible.


  1. " the new Family Boss is reviled." Yes, by you-- as seen by the rest of the post :)

    1. lol, damn spell check! It's worse than the iphone sometimes. Thanks, it's fixed.

  2. my family still has the last series of bosses, not this new gang.


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