Oct 24, 2015

Family Boss Fight: Fixed


After days of waiting Zynga has finally fixed the Family Boss Fight. My family took down this boss a few days ago but the '24' hour timer is still ticking [1]. Anything for some reward points! The good news is that if your family did beat the first boss than you will get to collect the rewards. Hopefully there won't be more bugs and I can show you the Mystery Boss by the end of the day.


  1. I guess they forgot to fix it here :-(

  2. Still no access. Collected rewards. Fight button not working. Still bugged.

  3. its not fixed yet even clicked the link of mw with the bandaid and still nothing nor have they fixed any of the other problems they have created they need to fire the developers they have and get the ones they let go a few years ago back the game has gone to shit this past year


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