Oct 15, 2015

Los Angeles Collection Event: Merchandise Collection


The Merchandise Collection Event is now available.  This is the 2nd Collections event in Los Angeles. The image bug is present in this event and now the game looks like shit. We know what the items are called but the images aren't in the servers. Hopefully Zynga will fix it soon. Last time the collection items dropped in Districts 1-7 and unfortunately for those who are holding off on mastering Los Angeles they are in Districts 4-10. This event works just like the other collection events we had in South Africa and Mexico. It lasts for 10 days and we can vault the collection once a day.  You get a loot items and +2 skill points each time you vault. The Savan-o-Meter has been updated and works like a charm. A walkthrough is shown below.

Once a collection item drops in a district you can move on to the next one. It doesn’t matter what order you go in and 1 item from each district will drop only once per day.
Once you get all 7 items, vault the collection to get the rewards. You need to go to the Special Collections page to do this. The rewards are 1 Fallen Wing and +2 skill points. If you can do this everyday that the event is available you will gain 10 loot items and +20 skill points.
There is a popup but like the rest of this event, it's not very pretty.


  1. Not working. Nothing is dropping for me. So I am skipping this.

  2. Why is it unfortunate that it'sin D4-D10 this time? Because some people have only opened D1-D7? I would think most people who know what they are doing, have opened all districts in LA to at LEAST bronze - so this one being in D4-D10 would not influence people wanting to hold on completing LA - if bronze is open, you can just do jobs on bronze tier to loot the collection parts... you do not have to master all tiers to loot these... so, I don't understand your point. Everyone should be happy that they removed D1-D3, which are the killer districts in LA ;)

    This event is easy and gives you 10x loot + 20 skill points, for very little work ;) More of these please :D

    1. Yes for those of us who have mastered it, these are easier districts for this event. For those who have been putting it off and haven't mastered LA very far, it's unfortunate for them. Many low energy players haven't progressed. I know a few who are still working on Mexico. If you don't have the energy to farm cash and consumables you won't be near level 10 yet. That is what I meant by unfortunate.

    2. But then that's the path you chose - Zynag can't take into account people who choose not to add to energy or people who deliberately won't progress. the smart move would be to open up all districts to silver tier and stay there (a little tip for the ones of little knowledge) However, if your account is a stamina account with 1,000,000 stamina and 1,000 energy, you automatically chose NOT to do jobs or events that require you to do jobs. In any case, you stated that it would be unfortunate for people holding off mastering LA... not the ones who can't master it due to lack of energy - but in either case, it's the players fault, not Zynga. If zynga had to ask every single player how an event should be designed, there wouldn't be many events I reckon. Master all tiers to silver and stay there - silver tiers aren't that expensive energy-wise and that way you can participate in events. common sense if yo ask me

    3. I didn't place blame, I just said it was unfortunate for those players. If you do something in real life that you shouldn't have done and there is a negative consequence, it's unfortunate for you. Some people don't like certain parts of the game and we can all build how we want. It's unfortunate that I lose some fights but I deal with it. I'm sure those who can't do this event are also dealing with the unfortunate state they were probably in for a few minutes. Not everyone plays the same and not everything bothers everybody.

  3. Very strange playing with no images. Energy account was able to vault collection today, no collection items dropping for another account and fighter account with low energy is skipping this event.

  4. Totally bizarre that images are broken. Zynga droppings again


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