Oct 15, 2015

Family Business 14


The 14th Family Business Mission is now available. This one came without any warning so many families may not be prepared. Zynga could have waited until the Family Siege event was over but that's not how they roll. It's funny that this Mission is called debugged because it there is a pretty serious image bug going on. Something must have went wrong when the servers changed and the loot item images don't work. We can see what the loot rewards are called and their states but we won't know what they look like until the issue is resolved. The 1st Missions and what you can see of the loot items are shown below. I'm not sure if we will post a walkthrough this time because there wasn't time to get a family together to do it. Jo and I will see what can be done.


  1. Stage 4: Earn to get Purple Beetle in Shootout Arena is not dropping. Zynga has a ton of problems. This game is about to be not worth playing. The LA Collection is not dropping and this is not working. Not worth my time. I will give it one day for them to fix it, if not, I am done.

    1. they are not dropping for me either...they must be dropping for someone in my family, I just need to find out how they are doing it
      Kathie E

    2. The collection is dropping...Just takes longer than usual

    3. NOt dropping for anyone in my family. I personally have fought in the shootout arena about 30 times today using 30k stamina each time. Nothing. Zynga has messed up another event. Big surprise.

  2. Well Zynga is making the stage 4 purple beetles drop stupidly insane. Spent over 250k stamina for a total of 12. I am done with this family mission. Not worth my time. That is just crazy amounts.

  3. Not dropping for our family either, Hard work is not paying off. Not giving up hoping that Zynga will fix. Fingers cross and toes lol


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