Oct 15, 2015

Arena Conquest 3 Starts Tomorrow


The 3rd Arena Conquest will start tomorrow at 12:00AM PDT. We will see if the new servers help anybody get the loot items. The previous 2 events were plagued by loading issues and by the time most players got into the game the loot was gone. This event doesn't elicit boredom, it elicits frustration. Getting Insignias drop like flies but the limited number of loot items and the fact that they are gone in seconds is enough to piss off the masses. This event will be structured like the 2nd version [1]. Loot items will be replenished every 12 hours and the item costs have not changed. The loot rewards are shown below.

1 comment:

  1. The loading was painfully the same and the loot was all gone in 10 seconds so no, nothing has changed, why should it?
    At least you might get a slightly useful item so its more fun that the Siege Leagues which make no sense at all


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