Oct 15, 2015

Family Business 14 Walkthrough: Might Path Only


The 14th Family Business Mission came with no warning. The Family Siege event is on it's last day so Jo and I weren't prepared and didn't have enough time to add enough members in a family to do a complete walkthrough. The tasks requiring Arena loot drops are causing issues. Jo discovered that the drops for the Challenge Mission come first and then maybe some accounts will see the Mission drops. Unfortunately the 2 accounts we have in a family right now aren't dropping enough items to expect a timely walkthrough.  Zynga also made this Mission more difficult as far as consumables are concerned. The last Family Business Mission only had 3 jobs that required consumables [1]. This time 6 out of the 15 jobs require them! Only the Might Path and the jobs required for this Mission will be shown. For insight into the Muscle Path, go here. The loot rewards can be found here. As always, thanks to Jo Gilliam for helping!

Part 1

 Part 2

 Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Job List

Part 1

Brazil: District 1

Part 2

London: District 3

Mexico: District 2

Part 3

Chicago: District 2 (loot drop)

Los Angeles: District 2

Brazil: District 3

Part 4

Mexico: District 7 (loot drop & consumable required)

London: District 7

Los Angeles: District 4 (consumable required)

Chicago: District 4 (loot drop & consumable required)

Part 5

London: District 9 (consumable required)

Chicago: District 6 (loot drop)

Mexico: District 8 (loot drop & consumable required)

Brazil: District 7

Los Angeles: District 5 (consumable required)

Consumable List

Farm in Mexico District 7

Farm in Los Angeles District 4

Farm in Chicago District 4

Farm in London District 9

Farm in Mexico District 8

Farm in Los Angeles District 5

Loot Drop List 

Old Stranger's Swag Items

Old Crate Items

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