Aug 20, 2015

Remembrance Collection Added to the Collections Page


The Remembrance Collection has been added to the game. I'm not sure how to get it yet but there are several possibilities. The VIP subscribers who have the Urban Assault Mission should be able to tell us if this is a Urban Assault collection. This could also be for a collection event like we've seen in South Africa and Mexico. Perhaps they will throw in one of these for South Africa. The name is a little scary. The last time we had a collection with a looking back theme, South Africa was shut down. It would be horrible to lose Mexico and the last remaining stamina jobs. This isn't for an Arena Rampage event as the vault item would have a star. I'm hoping it's just a Los Angeles collection event. The stats and skill points do match that.


  1. This is to do with LA for sure. Like some people predicted when LA was still a guessing game months back. the angel wings. The saying is fallen angel this is fallen wings that look like angel wings.

    Secondly REEL time. There are LA achievements to do with reels. This is obvious why of course it being LA and all. Anyway the achievement is reel thing also with a picture of a reel on it for mastering district 1-3 in there respective bronze, silver, gold and ruby levels to go with what level of the achievement it is. So that play on words has already been used in LA before.

    Finally they all have a very Hollywood theme about them. The glasses. The spoon for escaping.

    So it's LA based that much gathered. Now the bigger question is it a more general collection event or something to signify LA has finished before the next destination makes an appearance or at least another guessing game / new destination survey

  2. Perhaps this has something to do with 9-11

  3. The collection items recall the fallen in the course of doing LA districts. 'Lone successor' refers to the plot starter in district 1. The 'buried clue' was plucked out of Wayne's body at autopsy.

  4. It could also be named so because they are about to close Mafia Wars. We've known it has been on borrowed time for some time now.

    1. If Mafia Wars was going to close, I highly doubt they'd offer a collection, what's the point if the game is going to close?

  5. Mexico can't shutdown, I'm still working on the last few districts.. would be done by now if I didn't need to wait for the bosses to show up

  6. use Savan-o-nator to get it. i cant remember if you're only allowed to collect 1 time a day, but i think that's right.

  7. Zynga will close MW because it is not the money maker they want to spend their time on. Look at all the freebies they used to give away. I know a couple of people that paid for their VIP and they are discontinuing it. They say it is not worth it. MW is going away really soon.

  8. all this work for 2 skill points and some loot that will expire in a few months? took 6 or 7 full tanks of energy to complete .. what a waste!!


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