Aug 20, 2015

Fight Carnage Ratio Update


UPDATE: For the confused...this post is comparing ratios of Fight Carnage on day 1 to Fight Carnage today. Not to the previous fighting ratios.

When the Fight Carnage feature first came out the experience/stamina ratios were less than to be desired and this made the feature a fail [1]. Zynga addressed the issue by offering Fighting Happy Hours and things were a little better [1]. The Fighting Happy Hours ended but the ratios are now better. It's still bad when you lose a fight and this will be noticeable on the overall leveling experience. Losing fights in the past didn't make such an impact because you only used 5-75 stamina points. I'm still undecided on Fight Carnage but I have noticed my game loads much better and I love the reduced heal timers. I would really love to know what the elite fighters think of this feature.


  1. I HATE the reduced heal timers They make it hard to stay under 20 while doing jobs and having unbanked money. When fighting, the timer is of no consequence, I buy health when I need a refill, who waits for the timer?

  2. I was only able to level when i did fighting in the old way!
    Now its a pain in the a** and only way to autolevel is robbing in NY!
    And yes i use a script,but i love(d) to do a lot of things manual,but with this Carnage its more boring than before cause i cant click my mousse to heaven,haha.
    Watching a healthmeter going down is not that exiting!
    And if you have 110k stamina,it is a real shitty thing.
    They need to open 1 city to do "old" fighting,cause now you get forced to do this!
    Or make a button of it,they already have a 5 stam,75 stam button,why not a carnage button?

  3. It still stinks, I can talk for all members from PS they hate it and some are thinking to quit VIP of this. They should better fix all the bugs in the game, before throwing lot's of events (badly times) to us. That's what my opinion is?

  4. It feels like this is their answer to the (now) hordes of un-iceable health tanks out there, currently, who are now extremely miffed that they can go down so easily during this event. As well, kami tactics have been thrown for a serious loop as passive exp caps are no longer manageable --kami stam getting wasted left n right.

    course this plays into the theory of more $$ for zynga as players will want more stam to match new attack minimums, more health to withstand these mega attacks, and more energy/stam for levelling as their kamis are hamstrung.

  5. With a stamina pool of 304 k, I can see where you might not be affected as adversely as the majority of us, but here's something for you to consider. If the 'normal' accts are driven out of the game, who is going to populate the fight list for the ones who can play under these types of conditions?
    How can anyone fight like this?
    Use Fighter's Energy Refill Available in 11 hours 31 minutes
    Collect Brazil Stamina Available in 6 hours 53 minutes
    Use Stamina Power Pack Available in 2 hours 58 minutes
    Collect Mexico Stamina Available in 6 hours 45 minutes
    Collect London Energy Available in 6 hours 27 minutes
    Collect Mexico Energy Available in 5 hours 45 minutes
    Collect Brazil Energy Available in 4 hours 20 minutes
    Collect London Stamina Available in 2 hours 55 minutes
    Accept Mystery Energy Gifts Limit Reached
    *** CARNAGE SUCKS ***

  6. Not sure where you ever learned anything about MW, but the fight ratio when you lose was always 1:1, the only thing real MW players complained about was thee less than 2.2:1 exp ratio since the Carnage came out. Time for you to retire.

    1. lol, obviously you didn't look at the first post about ratios. The ratio for losing was reduced to 1.0. I was referring to what Fight Carnage was when it first came out, hence the link. Looks like you are the one who needs to learn more about the game.

  7. will you get x8 times the money if you win a fight, as you are using x8 the stamina.

    1. I do really well in LA for getting cash. One click 242 LA

  8. Don't know if I am an "elite" fighter. I had well over 130K kills and about 700K non-arena ice before this event started, and my combined is over 90K...attack heavy.

    I don't really like it. With the reduced heal timer and the 5 second delay between hits, you don't actually get more ice faster or with less stamina. The only positive I see is more kills. It makes fighting for cash nearly impossible in LA, and not much better in any city other than NY, and nobody needs NY cash. Leveling jobs (and LA loot jobs) take cash, so auto levelers and Kamis are likely to run out of Mexico cash if they haven't already.

    Not a fan. I find it really interferes with normal game play and has crap ratio.

  9. Every single person I have spoken to with respect to fight carnage said they will be quitting the game, if carnage is made permanent. I'm not sure if these are idle threats or not, but I have spoken to well over 20 people about the event, and if these 20+ people's opinions are any indication of what will happen if carnage sticks around, then we will not have a game in the near future. Zynga can't run mafia wars on fumes, and many of the players I spoke with are spenders on the game. I really hope they are reading these comments AND the surveys they asked us to complete, and I hope they plan on listening to the players this time around, if they have intentions of keeping the game alive.

  10. Been playing MW for over 5 years. I still like the game and all you whiners need to just accept the challenge. So it is evolving. Fight arena, get your family objectives then go to the fightlist for individual fights. If you are using a fight bot then set your settings lower. I am still small time compared to y'all but I am doing all right. The cheat schemes are being dealt with and now you have no reason to tie the servers up where no one else can get in. I find it very irritating when those of you set up your bots and they run 24/7 and you aren't even there. What is the point of playing?

  11. Clicking manually right now is extra irritating while you watch the 5 second timer count up. Icing people with tons of Health is no easier as the Health Timer has also been sped up. I have got more kills off the FL but it's not at all fun for Mock Battles or Family Wars. and mocks and wars are about all that's fun left in the game
    Yes, I know how to use the Arena or the Mexico stamina jobs but I don't have a Kami and don't auto level so using up everything in 5 minutes is both dull and uninspiring. Im only a small money player and don't run anything 24/7 but I had fun playing with a few scripts and mostly manually. If I read one more comment about whining script abusers as if they were child molesters or something, imma gonna throw up.
    This Carnage thing has really made the game worse for me and everyone I have asked about it. It can help me quit, if that is the Zynga plan? :)

  12. this is not a challenge this is simple theft by zynga. 2.2 experience per stamina is not 2.3 one used to receive via fighting. All the other stuff around the edge is there to obfuscate zynga's theft. those at zynga responsible this continuation of the 2.2 fight ration should be beheaded after watching their entire families getting cooked alive and fed to feral hogs while still breathing.

  13. This pretty much sums it up for my circles, CC always was short for Credit Card players...but now after all these many years it's taken on for being short for Carnage CRAP!

    Keep up the good fight're still a rockstar in my mw eyes :)

  14. Everyone just needs to get over themselves and either play the game or quit!!!! Bitching and moaning about every little thing will not change anything...Just suck it up and move on!!!

  15. I predict a sudden grown of kami leveling, most converted from arena whores, but with more health. How is that improving the game?

  16. I don't mind the Carnage. I can finish in half the time, so 3 hours instead of 6, which I like a lot. I lvel up quicker, I get more ices and kills, stats are great, no problem. Suck it up, it won't be here forever.


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