Aug 20, 2015

Fight Carnage: Stamina Threshold


As with anything in Mafia Wars, there are good and bad to most features. One of the bad things about Fight Carnage is left over stamina. It's good that when you have less stamina than a 'normal' attack requires, in my case 3,000, the attack cost decreases to the amount of stamina you have left. What's bad is the threshold appears to be 200 (for my account). When my stamina is less than 200, I can't use any of it to fight. As you can see in the first image, that makes a difference in leveling. I guess robbing will become more useful if Fight Carnage is here to stay.


  1. I hope this ends soon, can't win a fight =( losing daily challenge points not happy with this I was doing well icing before now not so much.

  2. Arena is another option to get some ices during Carnage instead of doing just robbing.


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