Aug 20, 2015

Family Siege Coming Soon


This just popped into the game. A new feature called Family Siege is coming soon. That is all we know for now. Hopefully it will replace the bugged Family Battle feature. 


  1. Something similar to this has already been done before.

    That is the image you posted when the VIP diamond benefit was made and they already tabbed the home page properties one for properties and one for the diamond VIP subscribers. I wonder if this tab has been removed now or if the home page for them accounts has 3 tabs in property section now.

  2. and the name of a famous spocklet is in there, do we know why? I guess not

    1. That is the name of my Family. We named it after the script when it was created :)

    2. This post made me laugh

    3. What is the name

  3. i cant understand why everyone is so negative abt battles its the most fun feature in the game after wars?
    And what are the "bugs" no active loot? Or is it that you get tossed out from them evey now n then? well its the same for both sides
    well i like the battles for the fun idgaf abt the loot i wish more fams would battle its impossible to get any nowdays

  4. thanks for reposting the diamon VIP pic showing the benefits they get, it was the decider on if i quit or not,


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