Jun 18, 2015

Show\Hide Player Updates


Zynga added an option to show or hide Player Updates. I find this surprising and at first thought it was a Spockholm addition. They have recently added feed options to the feature so it seems odd that they would give the option to hide it [1]. Perhaps Zynga realized the Friend Feeds don't work and decided it was easier to give players the option to hide everything rather than fix it. Since the default is to hide Player Updates, this could also be a test to see if the game loads better without Player Updates. I haven't noticed a difference but will keep an eye on it. Thanks to Guido Schlabitz for posting on our fan page.


  1. I have ignored the player updates for so long that I didn't know what you were talking about, until I glanced at the pictures.....

  2. I check player updates now and again just to make sure my kamis are still attacking me and haven't been mysteriously added back to my mafia lol...

  3. I hope they didnt work too hard implementing this amazing new feature :)


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