Apr 6, 2015

The VIP Eye Sore


Dear Zynga,

I’m well aware that I have a VIP subscription. I’m reminded of it every time $24.97 comes out of my bank account. Is it really necessary to plaster my game with redundant VIP deals? My game doesn’t even look like Mafia Wars, it looks like a cheap advertisement for your VIP Membership Program that ironically I’m already subscribed to. Is it really necessary to have 3 home page banners in addition to the new VIP Module you decided to add to the home page? The Marketplace is loaded with this stuff as well! I understand what my ‘benefits’ are and if I forget, I can go to the VIP tab in the Marketplace for a refresher. When my home page loads, I want to punch Mr. Thomas Chou in the face and cancel my subscription! My Diamond VIP subscription has caused me to forget to ask for property parts and all these banners and modules are just irritating. Seriously take a step back and look at this from a players point of view. For those who are still paying, the game now looks like one hot mess of clutteration!

A current VIP subscriber who may become a former VIP subscriber.



  1. They want you to accidentally click those purchase buttons... although it only applies to 0.5% of all players not using spocklets to block them.

    But I agree... this is a step in the madness direction. I mean, come on Zynga. This is just ridiculous, haha. Why not make so that every once in awhile, a job will cost you 10 RPs that will just be taken from you... ot suddenly hen fighting we can get a pop up asking if we wanna continue fighting... and if yes, please click the PAY 10 RPs to Continue Fighting button... I myself have clicked these damed buttons that are just about everywhere and wasted RPs... and now we have even more... right in our faces on the home page. Good job Zynga... Gooooood job

  2. I do not even look at the incessant barrage of popups when I log on each time. My cursor automatically goes to where the delete x is. An occasional pop up may catch my attention. But 2-5 popups at the same time EVERY time I log in.......no.


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