Apr 6, 2015

Family Business 9 Coming Soon


Oh joys, the 9th running of the Family Business Mission is coming soon [1]. It’s a good thing that families will have an opportunity to get more Family Experience but I’m sure Zynga will have a heyday with Los Angeles related tasks!
We’re excited to bring to you another edition of Family Business.
Build your family and prepare for all the action ahead. Undertake goals based on active family members and earn corresponding Rewards. 
To be eligible for this upcoming event, make sure you are part of a family before the event begins. 
If you haven’t joined a family yet, now would be the best time.
What are you waiting for? Keep your Families close as you prepare for this exciting event on Mafia Wars. 
Watch out for new and fun events in Mafia Wars, coming your way soon!



  1. new and fun events? Seriously like people need another learning curve already. Seems they can't go an entire month recently without a new type of event confusing people again.

  2. This I will skip. My family sucks and only a few close friends contribute. Unless I really need a consumable, I will only do what I need to it if it benefits me to complete a part of LA faster.


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