Apr 6, 2015

Reduce Los Angeles Bank Fees by 3%


When it comes to Bucks in Los Angeles, every little bit helps. When I noticed that some accounts had 15% banking fees and others had 12%, I couldn’t figure out why. I posted this mystery on our fan page and soon the answer became clear [1]. Thanks to Jan With Sørensen, I can explain the variation. If you played Mafia Wars back in the dinosaur age, you probably remember the Money Laundering Collection. It can be found at the very bottom of the New York Collections page. If you vault it, you get a 3% reduction of banking fees in ALL destinations, including Los Angeles. I was surprised to find out that my mini had never vaulted the collection. If you already vaulted the collections, you will get 5 Money Socks for each revault. These do work in Los Angeles as well but they only increase the payout of 1 job by 50%. It would take a lot of Money Socks (and energy) to make a difference. If you want even more Bucks considering changing your Class to a Mogul [1].



  1. The Golden Throne was even better to have. But that disappeared, and so did the benefit. Sometimes I'm hit with a high deposit tax, and sometimes not. Maybe the throne's pipes are clogged :)

  2. I think this is a sort of new change, because I have had that collection vaulted for a long time, longer then SA and Mexico have been out and before it was 15% in both SA and Mexico, but those are also changed to 12%, im like 99% sure of this, not that I have any proof but im almost sure.

    And btw, the golden throne doesnt have anything with money to do, I can quote the text of the golden throne: " This item is obtained when you complete Gold Mastery of the Boss Tier in New York. You regenerate 2 energy each time your energy timer runs out."
    It has not disappeared at all, you either have it or you dont.

    1. I suspect this as well but same as you, I can't prove it. All the images I posted of the SA and Mexico banks came from my mini account and at the time who knew that the account never vaulted this collection. To prove it we would need to see a screen shot of a bank with 12% fees in either of those destinations taken before. I suspect I have images from my main account but can't prove which account they came from, lol.

  3. i think i remember it in 1 city being 7%


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