Apr 8, 2015

The Buck Up! Achievement


When it comes to achievements Zynga doesn’t get very creative. Brazil, Chicago, London, South Africa, Mexico and now Los Angeles all have an achievements needing 1 million units of currency in the bank. The main difference between Los Angeles and the other destinations is that the currency, Bucks, are not easy to find on the fight list [1]. The same old copied and pasted achievement wasn’t adjusted and players are left with a seemingly impossible task. It is possible to get a million Bucks in the bank but you will have to manipulate the system. All you need is at least one mini account and a script. Farm Bucks with the mini and attack it. This process was used often in Bangkok with Baht and the same principles apply. Use this guide for the basics. The best job to farm Bucks is in District 3 on the silver level (Refuse Jack Woolf’s Apology). It may not offer the same amount of Bucks per job but you can do more jobs if you stay on silver. If your bank capacity is smaller than what you need for the achievement, you can keep your Bucks safe by purchasing City Store items until you have enough for the achievement (you will lose 50% but it’s better than having 100% stolen) [1]. You don’t need to deposit 1 million Bucks, you just have to have them in the bank. The Buck Up! achievement also comes with +2 skill points.



  1. how the *!*& can you have 1 million bucks already???

    1. Did you not read the post? I explained how I got it in the text.


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