Apr 8, 2015

Vaulting the Eggsclusive Basket Collection


Easter has come and gone but part of it remains in Mafia Wars. If you have been collecting Easter Baskets for the Easter Eggsploit event, you should have enough to vault the Eggsclusive Basket Collection. All you get is a loot item and the rewards of this event do not justify what a pain in the ass it is. If you want all 12 of the redemption loot items than you will need to keep collecting as it will take 1,725 Easter Baskets to get them all. It’s possible to get 2,100 Easter Baskets for the duration of the event so even with the jacked up news feeds it is possible to get enough. The first 4 items have to be redeemed in order. After that you can pick and choose which ones you want. I usually stop trying once the collection is vaulted and just redeem however many items I can. Missing a few loot items here and there never really hurts anybody in this game.

1,050 Easter Baskets to Vault
1,725 Easter Baskets to Redeem All 12 Items

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  1. i go to last one get 3 qnd work backwards


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