Apr 15, 2015

South Africa Property Order Change


To prepare for the shutdown of South Africa, another change in addition to the removal of the Map is the South Africa Properties have been moved to the bottom of the list on the Property Module. South Africa used to be under Mexico but now is under Brazil. As to how much longer it will be there at all, we don’t know. The shutdown of South Africa should end the debate as to whether a 5th Property will ever be added [1]. Thanks to Alison KaliNate for posting this update on our fan page.



  1. bout right SA has great job ratio's

  2. I don't care about the 5th prop, I do care about the energy and stamina I won't be getting...damn them

  3. So whats really the point in upgrading the properties if Z is going to just remove them ? Alot of work and effort goes into upgrading the Energy/Stamina properties, doesn't take much space to just at least leave them in the main list to collect from ? Just one more reason to not bother with something else in MW.

  4. Looks like more reason not to play,
    and less reasons to play.
    I would think Chicago would have gone first.


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