Apr 15, 2015

More On Facebook Platform Changes


We’ve known for a while now that the API for Facebook is changing [1]. In addition to everything that was breaking in the news feeds, David Cebrera explained many things on the Mafia Wars Add-On fan page [1]. The Facebook Platform Upgrade Guide for developers explains many of the changes and what will happen [1]. At the end of March, something called ‘Your Mafia Wars id’ was added to the game header [1]. For most, this id is the same as the Facebook id. For newer accounts, it’s different. Facebook is calling these id numbers app-scoped ID’s. It means accounts will no longer be identified by Facebook id numbers. This guide also explains why Zynga changed the Permission popup [1]. What we can expect to happen on April 30th are lots of issues. Scripts that use the Facebook API will no longer work and who knows what will happen in Mafia Wars. Knowing a little more about it should help with the panic.



  1. If you ever thought Zynga was bad, just take a look at Facebook to see what A REALLY EVIL F**KED UP company looks like.

  2. hmmm, huh ? i still don't understand & i'm sure a lot of others don't understand either, is there an easier way to explain what we need to do ??

    1. We don't need to do anything but wait. All scripts using the older Facebook API (which will no longer be available on April 30th) probably won't work. I'm sure the script writers will make updates.

  3. Why are the feeds messed up, I used to be able to scan and help with so many feeds but now stream scanner only shows 100 feeds?

  4. i agree all that stuff is over my head. lets hope and pray come may 1 we will still have mw LOL

  5. I haven't had the new permissions pop up....Should I be worried?
    Kathie E

  6. I only play to have fun. It seems there are some FUN -SUCKERS out there who can`t leave there damn finger off of things.


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