Apr 30, 2015

Loot Confusion


Zynga has taken copy/paste to a whole new level! Nine loot items have identical names and images. As mentioned in previous posts, for reasons unknown, there are stars on the Fight, Arena and Declare War loot. The recurring items also show up in the new VIP loot (but with the VIP icon). Perhaps the graphic designers have had enough and told Zynga they are limiting their designs. Maybe it’s a way to save money. Possibly there are going to be changes to the entire loot structure as we know it. Who knows, maybe it's just an oversight. Whatever the reason it makes things confusing. Stars are associated with mastery tiers and as far as we can tell right now, there is no mastery associated with any of these loot releases. The 9 items with a key is shown below.

VIP=VIP|Bronze Star=Fight|Silver Star=Arena|Ruby Star=Declare War

1 comment:

  1. I think what's happened is Zynga trying to rush out new crates with crate carnivals new destinations with new tiers and secret districts events and missions family events and missions VIP events marketplace loot sales promotions war tiers fight loot VIP loot arena loot gimmicks daily chore loot at a faster rate than the previous month. But if every month they try to out pace the previous month worth of updates they've got to the stage where they have confused themselves now.


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