Apr 30, 2015

Cinco de Mayo Collection & Arena Rampage 4 Coming Soon


A new collection for Cinco de Mayo has been added to the game. This is for the 4th Arena Rampage event and the mastery item has been added to the inventory. You won’t be able to get collection items until the event goes live which could be anytime now. A closer look at all tiers of the Death Jacket are shown below.



  1. Let the event madness commence:

    Lucky Break
    Limited Time property
    Offshore Turfs
    Family Feud
    Challenge Mission
    South Africa shut-down
    Job Board

    What else could they possibly throw at us? Another Crafter's Choice perhaps? We haven't had one of those for almost a week. What am I missing here? there HAS to be more events that I haven't listed as already active and soon-to-be active...

    ... totally overkill... AGAIN

  2. Total overload as usual. I could say that Zynga have lost the plot, but I don't think they had a plot in the first place. DILLIGAF mode on.

  3. maybe this goes live on....Mayo de Seis?? lol, zyngerd


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