Apr 30, 2015

VIP Bribery Item: Hollow Victory


With so many players quitting and dropping their VIP subscription like hot potatoes, Zynga is offering some incentive to subscribe or stay subscribed. If your VIP subscription is active on May 20th than you will get a Hollow Victory and +30 skill points on May 21st. I love the name of this loot item as it describes what having a VIP subscription is all about. Spending $24.97 a month for a game that hardly works is just like a hollow victory…not very satisfying.



  1. You are omitting that some of us have to pay tax on the VIP membership. Mine costs $27.04 which is much more of a Hollow Victory for some of us.

  2. don't you ever have anything positive to say about the game??

    1. Not really. I can't think of anything positive at the moment. Yeah, Yeah, I should quit then right? Well I'm going to be here until the end keeping it real. The only way to play now is to use automated scripts and I used to play a lot manually. I can't do that anymore so yeah it kind of sucks. I would like to be able to see the game on my 1st load instead of my 10th and I would like for them to stop releasing events until they fix all the current issues. Then maybe I could focus on the positives.

  3. so the game will be here at least until May 21st as I guess zynga wouldnot wish to be sued for fraud or false advertising


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