Apr 30, 2015

Mafia Wars Request Issues


Many are reporting blocked news feed requests. The Facebook security systems apparently don’t care for Mafia Wars requests and many of them are getting blocked. Posting request links in chat and groups isn’t a workaround. Since Zynga does pay Facebook 30% of it’s revenue, I think it wouldn’t be too much to ask to make them stop this. This could be the beginning of many API issues to come or it could be something isolated that will soon be fixed. Either way, Zynga needs to stop releasing events that require news feed requests and remove the timers on the ones that already exist. Thank to Jo for the screen shots.



  1. Just posted a video and they got the same msg. Seems its everything...not just mafia wars...someone made a comment she got that msg, a friend commented back it has been going on all evening. Seems fb broke their fix? o.O lmao (so not surprised there -_- )

  2. I just had it come up and ask for permission to post MW requests (again), so might be alot of peeps are getting the pop up ?


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