Apr 10, 2015

Crafter’s Choice 23: Livid Lights


Because the news feeds are working great and there isn’t enough to do….The 23rd round of the Crafter’s Choice event is available. Livid Lights is the perfect name because players get Livid when their news feeds don’t work and Zynga acts as if nothing is wrong. The options for skill points are attack and defense. For a detailed post on how Crafter’s Choice Events work, go here. A closer look at the loot items is shown below.

Shine Bright
Lit Up


  1. More a case of Zynga pissing on it's players, a major insult! The company doesn't give a damn about the players any more and they have just lost another one!

    1. You do realize you do have the option of NOT doing this event... right?? If not, you have the right to NOT do this event...or any event for that matter that doesn't work well with your scripts :)

  2. My news feed is working just perfectly - but then again, I play manually and is actually searching for posts in my news feed and clicking them - yes, manually . by hand - with a mouse and my index finger - no?? Go google it :P

    So, guess it's only the script users who are affected by the API changes? Try shutting them off and do some manual playing - like we all used to do - remember? - no?? Go google it, lol :P

    Happy fridays

  3. Haha, I just did 4x 20 jobs in 4 destinations - all 4 destinations had the 2x loot crew member activated - and the result = 1 loot drop :D 100 jobs = 1 loot drop. that has to be the POOREST drop rate ever, haha. Why is it that every time the 2x Crew Member is activated, the drop rate goes to 1%? And if you do the jobs in NY, the drop rate is 90%? I guess activating the 2x crew member is bad business for Zynga as you get extra loot, haha, which they would otherwise earn money selling you :P


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