Apr 10, 2015

Empty ZMCs


In addition to all the news feed and ZMC errors, we have been getting reports of empty ZMCs. Players who had a ZMC full of gifts off of a sudden have none. With current events relying on the ZMC gifts not to mention joining a family requires the use of the ZMC, This same issue surfaced about a month and a half ago [1]. Zynga needs to fix this fast.



  1. Conversation with Zynga staff.
    Please wait for a site operator to respond.
    You are now chatting with 'Ronald D.*'.
    Hi ronald! How can I help?
    ronald: Hello I usually have over 200 gifts in my account to be collected daily I have zero this morning Please help me. it goes towards my family progression.
    Ronald D.*: I understand that you don't have any gifts in the game to be received, is that correct?
    ronald: Correct always have 200 but since yesterday have zero. collected about 160 yesterday and left 50. but now zero.
    Ronald D.*: Let me check on this for you. Please give me a minute, Ron.
    ronald: OK.
    Ronald D.*: Ronald, thanks for waiting. There have been several reports since yesterday about this.
    Ronald D.*: It has been reported to our Studio and they are already investigating what caused the gifts to disappear.
    ronald: Good as long as you know about this problem.
    Ronald D.*: Yes, I am sorry that your game is affected by this. It could be caused by the recent changes in Facebook.
    Ronald D.*: But our studio is already working on fixing it.
    ronald: Yes shame they are going to ruin your game.
    ronald: OK Thanks.
    Ronald D.*: I understand.
    Ronald D.*: Any items that you need for the game that you were not able to get?
    Ronald D.*: I can probably add them to your Inventory.
    ronald: Some high end defensive loot would be nice.
    ronald: Hightops 292 359
    Ronald D.*: Let me check here and see if I can do something about that.
    ronald: Cheers Ron.
    Ronald D.*: I'm not sure if I can add this since this is from a Special Event. How about some RPs and consumables? I can definitely add those instead.
    ronald: Lovely Ron.
    Ronald D.*: Sure. Hold on.
    Ronald D.*: I have refilled your Energy now and added 40 RPs into your game.
    Ronald D.*: You should have 303 RPs after you reload your game.
    ronald: Thank you Ron that was nice of you.
    Ronald D.*: You're welcome.
    Ronald D.*: Anything else I can help you with today?
    ronald: No thank you I await your studio to fix my problem.
    Ronald D.*: Thank you for your understanding.
    Ronald D.*: Please don't forget about the survey after this chat.
    Ronald D.*: Have a great day, my namesake.
    ronald: Yep I will complete.
    Ronald D.*: Bye for now.
    ronald: Bye.

  2. You can only send parts to friend

    I've been getting that message when helping friends lately.

  3. 3 accounts zmc disappeared yesterday, one came back but the other 2 are still empty :(

  4. In my case the gifts came back in 2 hours without doing anything.

  5. Mine have been gone for two days ,still don't any ..about to turn off my VIP account ,not paying for a broke game..

  6. Mine have also been gone/unavailable for the last couple of days. Bummer.

  7. Day 3, still no gifts showing X 2 accounts :(


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