Apr 10, 2015

Promotion Loot: Generation 8


Promotion (aka Level Up) loot has been updated to generation 8. The last update was in January so Zynga is getting faster [1].  Last time there was a 7 month time interval between updates. Some of the items are a little useful now but this won’t last very long. There is also an image bug to confuse. You would think Zynga would have learned by now that giving 2 loot items the same name will cause them to share the same large and small image. The Metal Head was also an item found in Heavy Metal Crates over 3 years ago. If you want a good laugh, check out the stats and you will really wish you never bought any (which is why we don’t buy Crates today).  The 9 loot items, plus the other Metal Head are shown below.

Metal Heads
New Promotion Loot

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