Mar 6, 2015

Yellow Combos for Overlords 2


If you recall, the Overlords Bosses have shields and stamina doesn’t do much damage or return much experience when you attack. The solution is to use combos until the shields are down. The green combos are given to us but they don’t do a whole lot of damage. Tred combos aren’t a good option because the majority of them contain ammo items that cost reward points. The yellow combos are best choice. Since we all have different combos, the most efficient way to get yours is to use the Boss Fighter II Combo Breaker feature. The sequence for the new event was added and is called Spocklord. It’s best to use stamina after the shield is down because conserving ammo items for the next 4 bosses is a good strategy. Since every boss has a different yellow combo, you will need to do this for each one.



  1. Replies
    1. It's working for everyone else. You are either doing something wrong or are very unfortunate that your combo is so rare that it's not in the sequence.


  2. Yellow combo not working , but for me I accidentally hit on the red combo - "Hidden Intent" "Jagged Hacker", Whirling Wounder, "Base Hitter" - at least for my version

  3. what is so frustrating is trying different consumables by hand and the boss fight jams after about 8 items!!!

  4. Thank you for this. Worked a treat for me.

  5. Today it´s look like some problem with parts for combo


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