Mar 6, 2015

Destination Contest: Winners Still Not Announced


On February 16th, Zynga held a contest on their fan page [1]. It was simple in all that you had to do was guess where the next destination was going to be in the comments. It should say something about interest in this said destination as there were only 662 comments. If you take the time to read them, you will find that a large number of these comments aren’t even guesses, they are complaints about all the game issues [1]. To top it all off, the contest description is a lie. We are told the contest was closed on February 25th and the winners would be announced ‘a week after’. The deadline for a week after would have been March 4th. There aren’t any announcements that we could find and it’s now March 6th which is well over a week. Maybe if Zynga wouldn’t blow off the hype for the new destination there may be a little more interest. At this point I don’t think many care where it will be, they just care that it will be playable. If the current Secret District is any indication of what we have in store, it just may be the first destination to skip on your way out the door.



  1. Just another excellent example of their arrogance and complete indifference to their player base... they just do not care, lol... and I don't see how this comes as a surprise to anyone at this point... best thing to do would be to completely ignore them and just go about our business... and not even lower ourselves to even commenting on their ridiculous contest.... Zynga does what Zynga wants, WHEN Zynga wants... regardless of anything anyone has to say about it... and THAT degree of arrogance... mixed with a game that is going straight to the hell... is what will be the downfall of this company.

    You would think that they would have learned by now... but their are just too arrogant. Zynga couldn't care less about anything - they could try - but like anything else they touch, they wouldn't be succesful

    1. I think this says it all perfectly. Zynga never has and never will give a flying fuck about any of it's players. Take for example all the games they close down. They are all closed with 10's of thousands of users. When 13 games got sunset at the end of 2012 the game with the lowest amount of users to shut down was MW 2 with 20,000. That's a lot of users many of them would have spent that got told nope sorry the rug is being pulled start again.

      They expect people will hop from game to game to game no matter how many they close. And they would much rather close them than fix them or actually make them fun rather than just a string of limited time events like they all seem to be now.

      I bet they've pulled games from under the feet of millions of users already just on Facebook alone never mind Yahoo Pule, Google+, Myspace, Tagged, Bebo and where ever else they shove these crappy games.

      How many timed do they think people will have everything they did deleted and STILL move to another game. What a lot of newer players don't realise is that this isn't new behaviour to Zynga. Back at the start before all the Ville titles and Zynga still had many millions of players Mafia Wars started a whole lot of other text based war series games. Vampire Wars, Dragon Wars, Space Wars and so on so fourth. Zynga's whole business model is based around releasing stuff people don't want to make them spend money while not bothering to fix it's bugs and exploits or lag issues. When a lot of people quit and the game doesn't make as much money close it down and expect the 20,000 - 120,000 or so remaining players to lose everything they did on that game and go and start another Zynga game so they can do it to them all over again. More spending money on stuff they don't want so it can be yanked from under them when Zynga don't want to do it any more.

      Of course all game companies make closures eventually. Everything has an ending. But the thing with Zynga is they don't even try. The last blog post them made about Mafia Wars wasn't anything useful. It was simple a case of the game isn't closing because we have operation events you don't want to do lined up and challenge missions you don't want to do lined up and a hundred and one other things you don't want to do lined up as well. They will all have a timer on them so spend spend spend, Nothing in it about bug fixes and stopping cloning and other forms of cheating and making the game playable without scripts again and adding more servers so it runs faster. Because they simply don't care.

      Zynga thinks all the player of all the games they make should automatically be loyal to them. That they should be able to do what they want when they want and we should be so willing to accept it that when the game goes down the tube because they didn't run it properly we should just follow them to the next game they want to ruin with events and a complete lack of maintenance.

      Yet what they fail to understand is they work of US. Have they never heard the expression the customer is always right? Sure it might not be the case all the time when people try to rip them off but the majority of the time it stands. If they want anything to be successful then they need to realise the players are in charge. What the players say goes. We pay them when we deem what they have done to be worthy of a payment. If it was the other way around and I was doing what ever the hell I wanted at my job I'd be sacked by the end of the week.

      Until Zynga get's over this idea that us as players should have an undying loyalty to them nothing will ever be done properly at Zynga. Not just for this game but all of them. They need to realise payment is for when games make people happy. Trying to rush out a bunch of copy/paste events to try and force people to spend while not being willing to do the proper work like bug fixes and server updates will essentially be the downfall of every game they try this method with.

      They work for us not the other way around.

  2. With that level of interest (622 comments) maybe they could not find any winners .. let alone 10 with correct answers..

  3. There are no winners, especially any of us players -- paying or not! I say we boycott the new destination altogether, if the current game issues aren't addressed beforehand! (They won't be, so, I'm calling for an all-out boycott!) Let's send a message that Z might actually notice!! ...too bad that'd take participation from humans; BOTs will go on and on, ruining it all anyway... :/ ..unless we can all agree to send Z a msg to better it all for ALL!

  4. What do you expect?! It is zynga - the greedy wankers who have scripted patronising and condescending responses for the gimps in support to cut and paste in reply to and disrespect anyone who contatcs them about glitches, bugs, loading issues


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