Mar 6, 2015

Overlords 2 Boss Fight Event


UPDATE: The Combo Breaker sequence for the last event won't work for this one because the ammo items changed. Use the Spocklord sequence.

You just can’t open up Mafia Wars without finding that another major event was released. Many are still working on the Urban Assault Missions and Offshore Turfs Secret District and will now get to add the 2nd version of the Overlords Boss Fight event to the list. ALL players are still battling loading issues and without scripts it’s not possible to finish any of these events. It makes me feel as if Zynga is trying to release everything they can before announcing the game is going to shut down! They should be trying to reassure us that it isn’t [1]. Since this one is like the previous one, there is no need to detail it. Use the links below if you need more information on how it works. The rewards and new ammo items can be found in the preview post here.



  1. Haha... OMG!!! I'm just surprised we didn't get the Arena Smashup as well... someone at Zynga must be sleeping, haha... but I guess we know we will get that tomorrow then :P And hey... hasn't it been days since we last had a Challenge Mission? Might be time for one of those too :P haha...

  2. Whenever you wonder why Zynga keep hurling more and more events at us, but can't be bothered to sort out all the issues.......
    Instead of saying Zynga this, or Zynga that, repeat what you were saying, but instead of saying Zynga, substitute the following name instead- you will probably answer your own question in the process !! LOL
    Don't say "Zynga" - Say "Feeble Effort" instead !! lol

  3. Could this have anything to do with the stated Zynga goal of 80% mobile? Or perhaps falling stock price, or the 10 new games slated for release. They seem to have lost touch with common sense! fix the game somehow and see how many return. It's the basics you lost in space "genius" gamers.

  4. Again Jen i think you are spot on.
    Zynga are making no attempt to rectify any of the issues with the game other than showing that they can jump on the scripts. It is almost like a game where they are stuffing everyones game experience so much so that perhaps they are forcing people into giving up before they pull the pin on it.
    Perhaps we all need to get together and boycott it for a week to speed up the process.

  5. We're not required to work on every event that's released. I choose events that interest me and/or are reasonably within my characters' ability to complete, and ignore the rest. Keeps the game more enjoyable and less stressful - except for the loading issue, of course.

  6. Ditto to above comment. I don't use scripts, only do around 50% of the events, and haven't done any of the stupid property crafting/upgrades in over a year. Level 4717, Mafia strength is over 684,000, often higher than players at levels 20 times higher than me. None of it matters. All Zynga wants is for you to spend real money to try to be the strongest player in the world. Ain't gonna happen. Just have fun with it while it lasts.


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