Mar 30, 2015

Urban Assault Missions: Los Angeles


City Missions in Los Angeles are now available. This time Zynga used the Urban Assault layout for Missions that was introduced in September of last year and combined it with City Missions [1]. The main difference is that these Missions aren’t timed. In the past City Missions would disappear from the Mission Bar if you traveled to a different destination. Now it remains no matter where you travel. Like Urban Assault Missions, there are 20 Mission Stations and 10 Reward Stations with 3 levels of mastery bringing the total to 50 Mission tasks. Since Zynga likes to screw over anyone who spends a little money in the game, if you already mastered Districts 1-3, this isn’t going to be easy. I suppose they want you to spend more to get it done. A walkthrough will be provided but it will take a while. Depending on the severity of the Missions, the walkthrough may be released in chunks. Although banners for VIP early access were made, the Missions were released to all players at the same time. The loot rewards can be found here.




  1. No rush in mastering LA, even if you like to spend the money. Farm your resources early and stay on the first level until you have everything you need. Then you can go crazy. But IMO Zynga has done this the right way to players who don't spend money. I rarely spend money on the game and I have not spent a dime since Mexico opened, don't plan on spending anymore ever.

    I look forward to a walk through just to know what needs to get done but I won't rush through it spending money. Not worth it.

  2. oh yeah we got 2 the same here
    one is a station, far right, the other is the very bottom stam one

  3. save you money its a total waist of time you do enough as it is

  4. pffff .... pass!

  5. This urban seem more geared to rp use and spending than previous urban assaults - LA certainly is with the rp spend to speed up raids

  6. If you had boxed cleaver you should have collected RP on the even level ups. Being frugal with my collected RP there is a time that you could/should use them to gain advantage, this is when you "raid" [you need items that are collectable, however you have to attack 3 or 4 time to obtain an item & you need 30 + per raid where's if you use the RP it saves time] I am only recommending that you use RP that you have collected NOT buying RP.
    As I have reached that red star I can only do 1 job, then it is a case of levelling up before I can do another job.
    As you look at the Urban Assault the energy on the left requires 35 hits (2 a level), the next is 40 hits (1 a level). It is going to take a while to finish
    By the way all the jobs in South Africa & Mexico (In my Mafia) have been increased & now it needs more energy to do a job e.g. Rope in Mexico was 5.47 energy now 7.18 energy, Support tells me it is because I have completed the gold levels in LA (moved up to a new tear)

  7. RAID/GENERATE HELLRAISER ASSET 3 TIMES, there's also 2 of those in the mission

    1. There is only 1
      It is the red line at the top
      This is the 1 time that I suggest that you use collected RP

  8. There is no way i would spend rp to do any urban assaults the rewards for completion just don't justifie the rp u need to spend on it really i hope others don't spend either Zynga wont fix any thing till the pockets are getting empty

    1. That is up to you.
      If you have been collecting RP's & you won't use them - What are you collecting them for?


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