Mar 30, 2015

Facebook ID # Added to Game Header


It’s very rare that Zynga would add something to the game that could be useful to the players. Your Facebook ID is not on top of the game header. Initially I assumed this was from a script but it was all Zynga. Team Spockholm added it to the profile page in August of 2012 so it’s nice to see Zynga has caught up [1]. Unlike the Team Spockholm version, the ID number will only appear for your account and not the account of others. Since the addition, there have been reports of it interfering with some scripts.



  1. Well I think this is what has Zynga'd me. I can't send any parts or help anyone. I get that they are not my friends. This is with no scripts loaded. CRAP!! Not sure if anyone can send me anything yet.

    1. same here just I'm not running any scripts

  2. so, what is it for ???

  3. I have never been asked for my id number by support = so I presume its not for support
    I get asked for it virtually every time I register for mock wars = so it ispossibly for folk who are too brain dead to click on their MW profile toget it to register in mocks
    I suspect the 4 hours down time we experienced Saturday was for this Cheers zynga

  4. I do see that its reading my feeds :) Does this mean we are to understand the Pod Post and use it?

  5. I have found also that my feeds and posts will not work correctly anymore, can't send to my own family page.

  6. It's an eyesore -- why does it have to be so prominent? It belongs on the Profile page, or at the bottom of the home page....

  7. So - is this what's broken Click Trap Remover?

  8. it is only a posibility, but since Zynga and fb have had their differences in the past, that maybe this is the way Zynga is informing you that this number will be needed if there is a separation between them, if you want your hard work you've put into your game back after the split. but it's only a possibility. I do not have any inside information, just being cautious.

  9. so far it hasn't interferred with any of my scripts, but talked in chat to zynga & they said no serparation, but can you really believe them


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