Mar 30, 2015

Slaughter Season 14 Reward & Badge Collection


The 14th Slaughter Season has expired and the loot reward and badge can now be collected. To get them go to the fight page and the popup shown below will appear. The badge you get corresponds to the level you were at when the event expired and the tier of the Flybuzz corresponds to the last level you mastered. To verify that the item made it into your inventory, click the image on the popup. If you missed the popup do an inventory search. This is the first Slaughter Season to have a emerald tier so the fight list and is going to have some green splashed in with all the other colors (once the bugs are fixed).



  1. I was so close to emerald 1 and i let my computer stay on over the night to ice and what did it do, well the script either stopped working or the page refreshed itself, wtf omg, i can sit here all day and nothing happens, but the moment im turning of my screen and sleeps, it just acts stupid omg, hate both mw and the script so much right now.
    Useless people making useless stuff.

  2. been fighting manuel all day yours is the only 1 I saw not any others of any lvl


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