Mar 19, 2015

Half Page Loads Dominate in Los Angeles


If you want to do jobs in Los Angeles, you won’t be able to access them right away. Since the addition of Los Angeles, the half page loads are out of control. Even refreshing a bunch of times isn’t working. Thanks to the bulky Asset stuff on top of the job page, you won’t even be able to see the first job. To get a full screen, use the Full Page script is shown below, just drag it to your bookmark toolbar and click on it when you need of the game to show up.  Go here for details on how to use it if you aren’t familiar with the bookmarklet process. This is exactly what happens when Zynga releases new content without testing it or fixing the known issues that they seem to think don't exist. Los Angeles is turning into an epic fail!



  1. Mine seems to be working now, wasn't earlier

  2. mine works in chrome only

  3. i just finished that 1 st job & it wont take me to the next star >>>.??


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