Mar 19, 2015

Los Angeles Achievements


Districts 1-3 of Los Angeles bring 18 new achievements. 6 of them deal with the Asset Raids, 5 with general game actions (currency, crew, fights, robs and property upgrades) and 7 with district mastery. This is nothing we haven’t seen in previous destinations. If you participated in the Prey For Your Sins pre-release event you will automatically get the Crew-Sirs Achievement once you buy some City Store items. This happens every time there is a crew related achievement and nobody is complaining.



  1. Zap Out
    In Progress (303/10000)
    Earned by winning 10000 Fights in Los Angeles.

    fighting in fightlist isn't equal with the amount above neither fighting in rivals so I believe it 's more about the number of different players you attack?

    1. i think for that achievement when you use power attack it does not count as 5 fights, every regular attack and every power attack count as 1, so if your trying to just get the achievement your better off taking off power attack from your script and then it should cost you around 50,000 stam to get the achievement, plus attacks for your losses depending how much you lose...


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