Mar 19, 2015

Los Angeles: Palms Reserve Bank & Gangland Properties


There are 3 properties to upgrade in Los Angeles and the upgrading process is identical to those in South Africa and Mexico. The Palms Reserve is the bank and is available to upgrade as soon as you travel to Los Angeles for the first time. The Banquet Hall and Production House are part of the Los Angeles Gangland and are found on the City Property Page. These properties are available to be upgraded once you bronze master job #1 in District 1 and job #X in District 3. One nice update is that both the bank and the city properties have 18 hour timers so you can ask for all your parts at the same time. In South Africa and Mexico the bank was on a 24 hour timer.

The first property we can work on in Los Angeles is the Palms Reserve which most people will call the bank. This one isn’t on the City Property Page and is located in the upper left corner of the game. You don’t have to master any jobs to unlock this property.
If you click the “Where’s all my cash?” link, you will just get one of their goofy messages.
Clicking on the “Bank” link opens up the Palms Reserve. This is when you learn there is a capacity and upgrading to be done. The first image of this post has more details and can be accessed by clicking on the help mark.
The Palms Reserve has 6 stages but only 5 levels because the 1st stage is 0.
The 1st 4 building parts can be acquired by generating a request. Click the “Ask Friend” button of which ever part you want and each request will yield 4 parts and you can ask every 18 hours. The last item can only be acquired by mastering the bronze-ruby levels of Districts 1- 3 (1 part per level). When you have enough parts, click the “Upgrade” button and you will go to the next level.
The 5 upgrade parts are shown below.
The chart below shows how many items are needed to upgrade to each level. It will take a total of 222 upgrade parts and 20 Vault Codes to reach level 5 which offers a capacity of 1 million Bucks.

Once you get to Level 4, you will be stuck until new districts are released. This is because you need 8 Stanchion to get to Level 5. You can’t get Stanchion Ropes from feed requests as they are only awarded each time you master a level. Each district has 4 levels of mastery so there are a total of 12 Stanchion Ropes currently available.
The next 2 properties are part of the Los Angeles Gangland and they unlock once you master their designated jobs.
The parts needed to build and upgrade the Los Angeles Gangland properties are shown below.
The Banquet Hall unlocks once you master the 1st job in Bel Air Massacre.
The Banquet Hall has 10 levels of mastery and 6 stages. Each stage (not counting Stage 0) represents 2 levels.
Once the Banquet Hall unlocks, click on the “Go Now” button and you will be directed to the Los Angeles City Property page. Click on the “Banquet Hall” and then the build button. The first build doesn’t require building parts but the rest of the levels do.
To continue upgrading, you need parts. The only way to get them is to generate a request. Hover your mouse over any part and if the timer is expired, click on the “Ask” button (or use the Link-a-Nator 2). Each request will yield 5 parts.
Once you build and get to Level 1, you can keep upgrading to Level 10. A total of 270 parts are required.

A Level 10 Banquet Hall will generate 160 Bucks every 8 hours.
The Production House works just like the Banquet Hall but it stops at Level 3. It will eventually go to Level 10 but not until more districts are released. Once you master the 1st job in District 3, the property will unlock.
The Production House also has 6 stages and 10 levels but only the 1st 3 levels (1 and a 1/2 stars) are currently available.
Click the “Start Building” button and build your property.
The same parts as the Banquet Hall are needed and the number needed to get to level 3 are shown below. 
The Production House makes the consumables needed for some jobs and Asset Raids of Districts 1-3. A Level 3 Production House will make 2 consumables every 18 hours. 
Both the Banquet Hall and Production House have been added to Union Hall on the home page. You can collect and/or craft either from here or the property page.

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