Feb 17, 2015

Skill Spinner by Spockholm Mafia Tools


Now that there are better deals than 2X Property Builds for skill points, the Skill-Stir feature will probably be more utilized [1]. The problem is who wants to spin something 200 or 250 times to get a slightly better deal? Team Spockholm created a Skill-Stir spinner that will do all the clicking for you. You can pick what you want and only purchase the good deal. To add it to your Spockholm Toolbar, click the link below. For feedback and questions, go here. If Zynga wants to offer these deals it would be a whole lot easier to just sell them for the deal price in the Marketplace!



  1. This is great!!! Kudos to Spockholm team and thanks to MWLL for sharing!!!!

  2. Very nice :) I spun it out before this was available but I am sure I will use it next time! Thanks Team Spock and thanks Loot Lady for posting.

  3. I think Zynga limits the number of "winning" buys to a certain number of skills. I have noticed this before too, every time I get to between 50 and 70 spins left, the deals stop and it spins out without a successful buy.

  4. Mine is just spinning and spinning... I was wondering why the Skill Spinner wasn't working :( poopie butts

  5. There have been many Spocklets issued that are posted only on your blog. Would it be possible for you to do a post about only those Spocklets? Whenever I clean my computer, I inadvertently remove those from my history and have to hunt them down again. Often I forget their name.


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