Feb 17, 2015

Cartel Clash Bribe Increase


It looks like not enough players were taking Zynga’s bribe to switch to the losing side. I mean why in the world would anyone choose to leave the winning side and still take a loss? Maybe Zynga realized that the bribe offered 0 gain to the takers because they have just increased it from +5 defense points to +10 defense points. This still isn’t enough as the winning side also gets double the rewards for each day so you would need to factor in the extra reward points which at this point would be +9 and would be enough to purchase the additional defense points offered with the new and improved bribe. There is also the fun factor to consider as it’s very fun to be on the winning side! After today the blue team will be the official winner so if the bribes are still offered it could be something to consider on the last day. Thanks to Juan Diaz for the screen shot and posting on our fan page. 



  1. Yeah, yeah.. rub it in.. I picked Red because the script groups were supposedly going with Red. But then they changed their mind. A pity.

    1. every where I read it, people said pick the girl. color doesn't matter

  2. its I guess so bad that they are change your side for you. Started on the blue side and somewhere in the 2nd day I was changed to the red side. thanks


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