Feb 17, 2015

Stream Scanner Updates: News Feed Workaround


The Stream Scanner by Spockholm Mafia Tools now has a work around built in to deal with the news feed changes made by Facebook. It should work for now but major changes will need to made once Facebook forces all Apps to move to a new API on April 30th. For more details on what’s happening with the news feeds, go here. Before you comment that it doesn't work, make sure you are using Stream Scanner form the backup server (found on the configuration page). For feedback and questions about Stream Scanner, go here.



  1. Make sure to select the backup server load in config. I had to load the spocklet twice as it hung up doing the permission check the first time but it works GREAT!!! I really missed having this feature because I could usually pick up five 10% Energy Refills every day. Thanks Spockhom team and MWLL!!!

  2. Where oh where are you finding the "backup server load in configuration"?

    1. top, right hand side of your page there is a hammer and wrench. that takes you to the spocklet menu and click on the "use backup server"

  3. no longer working, worked yesterday, but not today! other people same problem, reported it to Spock!

  4. The fix was working for a few days, but now its not today

  5. missing permissions

  6. I have only been able to see my own posts. No other posts. Do I need to click something else?


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