Feb 4, 2015

Hockey Arena Coming Soon


Images for the next Limited Time Property are in the servers. This one is called the Hockey Arena and will be the 50th Limited Time Property!  I don't think these properties will ever stop until the game shuts down. The more we complain about them the more we get. The VIP timer for the Book Store has 2 more days so we can expect to see the Hockey Arena anytime after that.



  1. Maybe we should try some reverse psychology and rave about the Limited Time Property and ask for more and send out tweets about how much we love it. Then maybe they'll pull it and kill it. --jeff

  2. I actually don't mind these much anymore. At least I can build something that increases my Mafia Attack and Defense while getting more skill points.

  3. who cares I got 7 accounts always get lvl 15

    1. you must spend all day just sorting out your scripts.
      When it comes to Boss fight you provably play by your self
      I my family a player has 3 accounts and he is at it all day and night (mind you he lives on his own so the time playing does keep him having an interest - I think he does MW instead of keeping a dog).


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