Feb 4, 2015

New Family Boss Fight Coming Soon: Farewell to Big Larry


Once your family defeats Big Larry (or the timer runs out) he will be out of the game. Unless Zynga does away with this feature (I wish they would), this means that a new Family Boss Fight is on the way. Thanks to David Marden, Tonette Hermsmeyer and Shu for the information.



  1. Our Family enjoys the boss fights.

  2. Who is big larry? were still on carlos scavalera

  3. How Zynga allocate the spoils in this game does cause a lot of head scratching, Do all the work - the spoils are more or less the same as those that have joined and done very little,
    Join - do very little to get the Boss beaten - rewards possibly the best you will ever get for what effort you put in,
    For me this game just improves your attack & defence skill strength
    Mind you if you don't join there are no spoils


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