Feb 4, 2015

Cartel Clash 3 Coming Soon: Choose Blue


Zynga announced on their blog that the Cartel Clash is coming soon [1]. The heads up is a favor to the players because we can get the word out as to which team to choose. In the past we’ve always recommended choosing the first option but Zynga got clever and made rotating banners for this event. Now that we know who the players are, I think the best choice would be to pick the girl. There have been 2 Cartel Clashes in the past and the champion of the 1st one lost the 2nd one [1][2]. If this pattern continues than we could predict that the champion of the 2nd one (the guy) would lose. Mimi Lanoir is flashy and Guy D'Meeno is plain looking so I think more would choose her. Now some will whine that we are suggesting who to choose but if most players choose the same side than the event will be easier for everyone who does. Most believe this event is rigged by Zynga and if it is than it really doesn't matter who you choose.



  1. blues won first round due to % players picking default
    most reds stayed on as reds 2nd round and took the win
    i would say if you wish to get everyone to pick the same side then the reds would be the side to back ?

    1. I'm sure there are many theories to support either side. the trick is picking the one that most (most aren't reading what groups say) will choose. Unfortunately not a lot of thought goes into it and most will probably still pick the first one and with rotating banners who knows. I don't think it matters anyway as we have seen with 2 of these now that one team has a linear ice pattern and the other one weaves up and down from that.

  2. I think this could be the ultimate battle of the sexes if the girls pick blue, guys red.

  3. It make very little difference, you win when you loose, you just win a bit more when you win


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